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Aluminum Pulleys with Ceramic coating
  • Material: WC Metal-ceramic 
  • Thickness of Coating:0.2-0.3mm for single side after grinding.
  • Craft :Detonation Spraying
  • Hardness of coating : Hv 1300 (HRC 65 °  above )
  • Surface porosity :< 1%
  • Surface bonding strength : > 89-90 Mpa
  • Surface roughness : 0.4
    The guide pulley made of aluminum with enamelled equipment is easy deformation and the sprayed ceramic coating is failure because of its thin edge and light weight while being sprayed with ceramic rod gun by plasma sprayed facility.  
    Therefore , our company has introduced the whole of sets detonation spraying equipment system .
    The machine can spray the heated and accelerated powder materials to workpiece surface and form solid coatings by the exploded energy of  pulse gas. The device produced supersonic and high energy gas flowing , and the moving rate of powder particles coming out spraying gun  is up to 1200m/s , under the action of the heating energy , produced the enough high-density coatings of equivalent sintering.  The maximum bond strength between the coatings and workpiece surface is up to 24kg/mm2 after impacted with the surface of workpiece.