Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted ( or heated ) materials are sprayed onto a surface .It is a coating technique which melts and sprays material-ceramics ,metals or plastics- onto a backing . This process results in excellent resistance to wear ,heat and corrosion .

Detonation flame spraying. The machine can spray the heated accelerated powder materials to workpiece surface and form solid coatings by the exploded energy of pulse gas. The device produced supersonic and high energy gas flowing, and the moving rate of powder particles coming out spraying gun is up to 1200m/s, under the action of the heating energy, produced the enough high-density coatings of equivalent sintering, the maximum bond strength between the coating and workpiece surface is up to 24kg/mm2after impacted with the surface of workpiece.


Supersonic spraying system is equipment by the supersonic oxygen and liquid spray system, the fuel supply through the ore-hybrid system and in the combustion chamber under high pressure air input. Airflow through the laval nozzle expansion accelerated to 1500m/s or so, can produce all dense metal and carbide coatings. Coating has high hardness and low oxide content. In addition, the coating allows the coating compressive stress suffered the thicker coating without worrying about falling off.


Oxyacetylene flame spraying fully melted the metal carbide power in the gun through the flame. Spray the workpiece surface and make high-quality coating. This equipment is suitable for both semi-automatic hand-held spraying and work with operate machine or fully automated with robots. Suit for mass production.


ROKIDE ceramic rod gun spray system, introduced by Saint-Gobain U.S., can use for chromium oxide, alumina, zirconia, titania ceramic rods. Ceramic rods atomized by the gas flame to make-speed jet spray surface, obtain the coating which is low porosity, the highest hardness of all coatings, wear resistance, suitable for spraying all the size and shape workpiece. Ceramic coating is wear-resistant, high temperature&corrosion resistance and electrical insulation.


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